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New High Consulting Pty Ltd is a Strategic consultancy for healthcare and other organisations and through director and associate network offers the following services:


Creating clarity from complexity with data – “You can’t manage what you can’t measure” but often the time is not available for deep data analysis, so we assist with developing and presenting results as easy to understand strategic conclusions to assist decision making. We help clients obtain the value of using all available data sources to come to a conclusion. 


Deep understanding of healthcare in Australia and Internationally – healthcare is currently facing some of its biggest challenges yet around chronic diseases in an ageing population, workforce shortages, financial constraints, a technology explosion and increased patient expectations and understanding. These can be mitigated via strategies such as capitation and system level planning, avoiding unnecessary hospitalisations and the use of technology to increase care available locally and at home.


Leadership support – helping to manage teams within client organisations (e.g. getting the best value out of an analytical service) and also providing mentoring support for a network of associates. A positive team culture is essential to a productive team.


Programme and change management – using strategies that help make change stick in client organisations, particularly where clinical engagement is required to deliver a goal. 


Training course delivery and workshop facilitation – running training courses with a reputation for professional facilitation in client meetings. Feedback from training events has always been excellent.




Paul White - Managing Director


Paul is a highly experienced executive and management consultant with a deep understanding of the challenges currently facing healthcare based upon 15 years’ experience in the sector. Paul’s style is to work collaboratively with senior managers and his operational experience is centred on appropriate strategic decision making (providing challenge and support where necessary) backed up by a detailed understanding of data and evidence. Paul has worked in Australia, the UK, Europe and USA bringing a wealth of knowledge of different operating models and cultures across healthcare. He has an excellent academic background (1st Class Degree, University of Oxford) and he has delivered training courses and presentations at national and international events. Paul’s key capabilities are as follows:

Deep understanding of health in Australia and internationally: Paul understands that healthcare is currently facing some of its biggest challenges yet around chronic diseases in an ageing population, workforce shortages, financial constraints, a technology explosion and increased patient expectations and understanding. His work to date means he is experienced in strategies and innovations to help deal with these issues such as capitation and system level planning, avoiding unnecessary hospitalisations and the use of technology to increase care available locally and at home. 

A champion of high quality and patient centred care: Paul has worked with the Royal College of Physicians in the UK to develop an accreditation and quality improvement scheme which is still running today. He is a champion of the idea that reducing unnecessary activities and inefficiency releases the time to focus on quality in a cost neutral way, and actively spreads the message that high quality care is in fact also the lowest cost care.

An expert in analysis and ‘Big Data’: Most of Paul’s work to date has an analytical component because he is a firm believer that “it is impossible to improve what you can’t measure”. He also has a deep understanding of Australia healthcare data, and knows the best strategies to manipulate and present information rich conclusions from the available data to drive continuous change with clinicians and managers in health systems. 

People centred and culturally aware: Paul has managed many teams both within his own business and in client organisations. He understands that a positive team culture essential to a productive team. Paul builds trusted relationships for addressing complex business or organisational dilemmas. 

elizabeth norman - senior consultant (anALYTICS AND PROCESS IMPROVEMENT)

Elizabeth Norman CROPPED.jpg

Elizabeth was a registered dietitian in the UK, trained at post-graduate level. She then worked in New Zealand national emergency management, systems auditing, project management (PRINCE2) and Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001) before returning to healthcare.

Elizabeth joined one of New Zealand’s largest District Health Boards in 2016 to support data driven change. She has in-depth view of New Zealand healthcare from inside and out, and applies her years of experience in process improvement, quality control, risk management and stakeholder engagement to a range of healthcare projects today. She specialises in clinical survey and audit design, benefits analysis and relationship management.

She is currently working with us in a client relationship capacity assisting our New Zealand based customers with their useage of the CRAB and Compass systems as part of our partnership with C-Ci in the UK.

ANDY WARD - managing consultant (leadership development & Complex change)


Andy is a well-established and experienced executive and leader, with a track record of growing, leading and advising complex organisations in new and established markets.  Specialising in business transformation, operational improvement, complex program set up and rescue and leadership development in healthcare, applied technology and life sciences, his input takes forms ranging from short term advisory activities to longer term roles embedded in, or leading, executive teams.

His work over the last fifteen years has seen him lead practices in Big 4 consulting and MNCs, and advise national and regional governments, healthcare, technology and pharmaceutical companies on strategy and operations, cost reduction, organisation design and development, efficiency and productivity improvements, and leadership and talent management.  His international experience spans UK, Europe, the Middle East, South Africa, Australia, and the US.  Throughout his work he combines strategic thinking and practical hands on support.  Andy has an MBA and is a Chartered Engineer.

Jay rebbeck - managing consultant (primary healthcare and integrated care)

Jay has a strong track record in providing trusted advice to health organisations, by blending strategic insight with delivery excellence. He is known for being able to tackle the most complex issues facing international health systems and has delivered board level projects on diverse topics including health system reform, international commissioning and organisation development.

Jay previously worked in Ernst & Young's health strategy practice, and has extensive experience delivering health system reform, working with government and healthcare leaders to develop strategy and deliver sustainable change.

He has worked at the heart of the UK Commissioning Reforms since 2010, having advised NHS England on the implementation of the UK Commissioning Reforms. Then supported 7 Commissioning Support Units and Clinical Commissioning Groups to build successful commissioning organisations that deliver the triple aims of improving population health, improving patient experience and improving health system efficiency.

He is currently based in Sydney and is working closely with a number of Australian Primary Health Networks to support the implementation of the Australian commissioning reforms in primary healthcare. He is also advising the NSW Department of Industry on a $65 Million outcomes contract to help young people get into full employment in Western Sydney and 3 other regions of NSW.

other associates - analytics, culture and capability, program delivery

New High Consulting works with a number of other experts and associates in a variety of fields. We have access to experts in costing, health funding, data analytics and culture and leadership development. Please get in touch if you have a specific requirement and we'll be glad to talk this over with you!


Case Studies

Case Studies


Hospitals around the world are always focused on improving performance, better outcomes and improved patient safety. However, in order to continually improve an innovate hospitals need to understand, via a collaborative network, how they compare to others and where to go to find solutions to their problems. Public Hospital performance summaries and league tables do not fulfil this purpose as this is benchmarking for accountability rather than innovation – therefore how can hospitals ‘Benchmark for Innovation’?

The Health Roundtable network has existed for 23 years and fills this gap by benchmarking and looking for differences in hospital performance, helping to identify exemplars and drive improvement.


NSW have used a Medical Assessment Unit (MAU) model of care since 2007. The stated intent of a MAU is to provide a model of care for undifferentiated, complex, chronic, non-critical, most often elderly, medical patients.  And preliminary analysis from 2011 showed that the MAU was successful in reaching the target patient cohort and in improving the timeliness of care provision. However NSW Health wished to know whether this trend was continuing and were struggling with the best way to achieve this.

Our team worked on a data specification and collected 8 years of ED and MAU data (along with qualitative information from surveys and site visits) from across NSW to examine the key achievements of MAUs and examine whether the continued investment in MAUs was delivering value for money.


Key questions that major hospitals within health economies ask are: Do I have the right bed mix, and are my beds used to capacity? In addition, to plan for the future, they need to know what beds they need to meet realistic demand scenarios.  However operational requirements often get in the way of strategic planning of future investments and therefore health economies often need external support to answer these questions.

A diagnostic of current flows, together with predictive analytics with input parameters controlled by demand scenarios can help explore underlying constraints and help develop a productivity strategy that safeguards performance. 




We have 20 years of experience in Management Consultancy to Healthcare clients.

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