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New High Consulting Pty Ltd is a Strategic consultancy for healthcare and other organisations and through director and associate network offers the following services:


Creating clarity from complexity with data – “You can’t manage what you can’t measure” but often the time is not available for deep data analysis, so we assist with developing and presenting results as easy to understand strategic conclusions to assist decision making. We help clients obtain the value of using all available data sources to come to a conclusion. 


Deep understanding of healthcare in Australia and Internationally – healthcare is currently facing some of its biggest challenges yet around chronic diseases in an ageing population, workforce shortages, financial constraints, a technology explosion and increased patient expectations and understanding. These can be mitigated via strategies such as capitation and system level planning, avoiding unnecessary hospitalisations and the use of technology to increase care available locally and at home.


Leadership support – helping to manage teams within client organisations (e.g. getting the best value out of an analytical service) and also providing mentoring support for a network of associates. A positive team culture is essential to a productive team.


Programme and change management – using strategies that help make change stick in client organisations, particularly where clinical engagement is required to deliver a goal. 


Training course delivery and workshop facilitation – running training courses with a reputation for professional facilitation in client meetings. Feedback from training events has always been excellent.